About Us


In the beginning of 2014 we got the opportunity to provide our services independently on the installations and assembly market of the automotive industry. We initially approached the market as Peter Aplenc s.p., electrical service provider. However, given that there were three founding individuals from the start, we subsequently established the company AVK Avtomatizacija d.o.o. (AVK Automation Ltd) in July 2014.

Our company is based on quality work and professional relations towards our customers and employees, who we provide with good working conditions and the opportunity to upgrade their technical skills. We always provide our customers with the best service that is on time and in accordance with industrial quality standards. 

We make sure that we are equipped with the quality tools required for our work as we are aware that only professional tools allow us to achieve maximum efficiency.

Due to a huge demand for programming personnel in our industry, we also decided to expand our services providing robot programmers. We currently employ four individuals who have completed their KUKA KRC4 certificates.